Remote Control - A Remote Administration Tool

Remote control is a simple yet powerful remote administration software. It does not provide a user I/O mechanism like standard VNC clients but it lets you do a lot of things in a transparent manner without showing any activity on the remote computer.

One of the most powerful feature of Remote Control is key logging, you can remotely start key logging on a machine and then view the logged data. This is particularly helpful if you wish to track user activity on your computers in your absence.

Other features include Shutting down and Rebooting the computer remotely, Remote Task Manager, Remote Windows Manager, and Remote File Explorer.

If you use this software to log password or any confidential information, or use it for any illegal purpose, you are solely responsible for your actions. By using this software you are agreeing to the terms of Shared Binary License (SBL 1.0) for Binary distribution or Shared Code Licenses (SCL 1.0) for Source Distribution. Please take a look at the file "binarylicense.txt" or "license.txt" supplied with the distribution. If the file is missing, send an email to pankaj _at_ for an electronic copy of the same.

Source Distribution Version 1.1

Binary Distribution Version 1.1

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