IntellectualHeaven is a group of people doing OS development and systems programming. Our mission is to provide useful tools, libraries, samples and tutorials for systems programming like OS development, device driver development on Windows and Linux etc. We also provide some other fun tools, written by us, free of charge.

Latest Updates
The latest version of CrashDoctor is open sourced under BSD license at github. It now compiles cleanly against Visual Studio 2013. It supports both x86 and amd64 and all 32-bit and 64-bit Windows OS from XP onwards with a brand new WiX based installer.
The latest version of popular StraceNT (Strace for Windows) is now open source. It supports various features like system call tracing, function return value modifications, better filtering support, a graphical interface and tracing of DLL loaded using LoadLibrary.
SniffIM is a Yahoo and MSN Instant Message Sniffer. It can sniff Yahoo and MSN IM conversations going on in a network. It works on Windows 2000, XP and 2003. Latest version supports minimizing to system tray, displaying timestamp and IP addresses in captured messages.
Eva the Online Assistant BOT now works with MSN and Yahoo Messenger. It supports features such as Time of a city, stock quote, setting reminders, dictionary meaning etc. Send an IM to [email protected] on MSN or e_oatbot on Yahoo to use it.
Added an article on x86 page table management, Windows logical memory layout and how Windows manages the Page Tables.

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