Windows Memory Management

This article briefly discusses Windows memory managment. It focuses on x86 page table management, how Windows manages the Page tables and Windows logical memory layout. It sheds some light on topics like why windows maps each process's page directory at 0xC0300000 and why the page tables starts from 0xC0000000. This article only discusses memory management for non-PAE systems. PAE (or Physical Address Extension) systems supports accessing upto 64 GB of memory. Page table management on PAE enabled system is little bit different but it is not discussed in this article. Also this article does not cover paging and virtual memory. You can get that information in any Operating Systems book or Inside Windows 2000. To download the full article in PDF format, click WinMM.pdf

Article on StraceNT Implementation

This article discusses different API spying techniques for windows and then delves into the implementation details of StraceNT i.e. Strace for windows. It also give information about stack management on x86. To download the full article in PDF format, click StraceNT.pdf


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