SnifFire - Ethernet Sniffer + Pseudo TCP Firewall

SnifFire is a sample implemented using RawNetIo framework. This sample shows how you can use RawNetIo framework to build an Ethernet Sniffer. It also shows how you can build a user mode TCP Firewall using this framework. This sample is built only as a developer aid and it is not intended for any production use. The full source code of SnifFire is provided for developers who want to use RawNetIo framework to develop applications.

SnifFire source code is supplied free of cost under Shared Code License 1.0 (SCL 1.0). Please take a look at the file license.txt for full licensing conditions of SCL 1.0. If license.txt is missing, please write to pankaj _at_ to obtain an electronic copy of the same.

Distribution Version 1.0

Copyright (c) All rights reserved.