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OS Development - The odyssey of tears and ecstacy

Updates (in reverse chronological order)
2003/08/02   -   Disk images created and put on the website
2003/07/21   -   Kernel v0.003 with built-in useless command interpreter
2003/07/15   -   Text based windowing architecture
2003/07/11   -   Keyboard interface
2003/06/23   -   Implemented console IO
2003/06/20   -   Fixed a major bug in .com compilation and loading; which was causing wrong values for data segment register on loading and wrong offsets of global data in compilation
2003/06/12   -   Collected all my OS source base and recompiled it. Thank god it still works
2001/08/14   -   C based Kernel. Compiled and loaded as a .com file
2000/12/18   -   Initial chaOS boot loader and kernel in x86 asm

Background Information

chaOS (pronounced as Kayos) is a 16-bit x86 based real mode OS. I started chaOS development in December 2000 and the sole purpose of developing an OS was to learn the internals of OS development because it is something that has always amazed me. As of now i have a minimalistic x86 based real mode OS ready. The bootloader is written in NASM assembly and kernel is written in C++. Due to my work priorities and other constraints i could not spend a lot of time on it. But i plan to restart its development again in near future once i am done with a hardware emulation project i am currently working on.


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