RawNetIo - Raw Network IO for Windows

RawNetIo is a framework for doing raw ethernet IO for windows. With RawNetIo a user mode windows application can easily sniff the network traffic coming to an ethernet adapter and it can send raw ethernet frames to do interesting things such as network intrusion detection, building a user mode TCP firewall etc. RawNetIo is developed to make it easy for programmer to write networking tools for windows without worrying about Windows kernel mode programming and details of NDIS. For detailed information on using RawNetIo framework, take a look at file RawNet.chm by extracting both .chm and .chi files to a folder.

A sample application SnifFire is also developed using RawNetIo to illustrate its usage. Full source code of SnifFire is provided here.

CrashDoctor also works like a debugger chooser. After installing CrashDoctor if a program crashes, the CrashDoctor recovery screen shows up. This screen lists debuggers available on the system and you can select a debugger to debug the crashing program instead of recovering it from crash. Note that once you start debugging the program, you won't be able to recover it.

RawNetIo binaries are supplied free of cost for both commercial and non-commercial use under Shared Binary License 1.0 (SBL 1.0). Please take a look at file binarylicense.txt accompained with the distribution to see the full licensing conditions of SBL 1.0. If binarylicense.txt is missing, please write to pankaj _at_ intellectualheaven.com to obtain an electronic copy of the same.

RawNetIo.zip Version 0.9.2

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