YahDecode - Yahoo Message Archive Decoder

YahDecode is a Yahoo Message Archive Decoder. It can decode yahoo messenger archived messages and conferences without knowing the password of the user. It will let you read all the yahoo archived messages stored on you computer. This is very useful if you lost your yahoo Id or password, because yahoo messenger doesn't let you read your archived messages unless you login into yahoo messenger.

YahDecode allows your to save decoded messages in RTF format. The latest version supports decoding of multiple messages simultaneously. You can then save the decoded text to a file and search for important information in those archives as well.

Another nice feature of YahDecode is that it allows you to enable archiving for any yahoo user on your computer without logging into their accounts. It also decrypts the saved yahoo messenger password on the local computer and display it.

YahDecode is supplied free of cost for both commercial and non-commercial use. For binary distribution, take a look at file binarylicense.txt accompained with the distribution to see the full licensing conditions. For source distribution, take a look at license.txt for full licensing conditions. If binarylicense.txt or license.txt is missing, please write to pankaj _at_ intellectualheaven.com to obtain an electronic copy of the same.

Binary Distribution
YahDecode.zip Version 1.1
YahDecode.zip Version 1.0
YahDecode.zip Version 0.8

Source Distribution
YahDecodeSrc.zip Version 0.8

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