Main Features Wishlist Documents

Wish List (in priority order)
  • Print functions parameter information instead of just hex values.
  • Add anti-anti-debugging support to trace undebuggable processes.
  • Add deadlock detection support.
  • Add functional level profiling support.
  • Fault Injection and Parameter Fuzzing support.
  • Use pipe I/O instead of OutputDebugString to send trace out.
  • Create separate trace window for each thread.
  • Add plugin DLL support.
  • Kernel mode support.
  • Add support for PDB based function hooking to hook non-exported functions.
  • For functions exported using ordinals, use DLL image on disk to find function names.

  • Figure out the story behind extraneous ReadProcessMemory calls in the trace.
  • GetProcAddress patched functions not working. Strange issue they cause, IE unable to find DNS entries.

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